Sunday, November 3, 2013

No Thing Is Sacred

This morning, LJ kept insisting that we use blocks to build a house for his helicopter.  Every time we would get a wall up, he would knock it down and say, "Oh man...have to start over."  Along with many other experiences using building blocks that have occurred since these pictures were taken years ago, I have learned to not grow too attached to any creation that I make.

It reminded me of a visit we had to Salt Lake in October of 2011.  LJ was just under a year old and we were staying with some friends.  They are grandparents and had a plethora of toys to keep LJ entertained.  I remember Sister McDonough repeatedly saying, "Nothing is sacred.  He can play with whatever he would like."  It caught me a bit off-guard because anyone who has been to the McDonough's home can tell you that it feels like a sacred space.  However, if you split the word to "no thing", it makes sense.  It is not the things in their home, or any home for that matter, that make it sacred.  Sure, some decor can invite the spirit and other decor can chase it away but it is the feelings and love shared with in a family that create that spirit.

It was just a short weekend stay at their home but I frequently still reflect on our time there and wonder the things I can do to bring that spirit to our home.  I am grateful for amazing friends who help me to see the good things and set goals to live a more abundant life.  The McDonough's are currently serving as Mission President in Mississippi and I am sure they are passing on wonderful counsel to the missionaries in their care.

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